Double Ombre Fall Makeup

If you have an instagram you’ve definitely seen the double ombre look trending for some time now, using warm tones I attempted this and it came out surprisingly well… I think. If you’re intimidated by trying a look like this, I get it. It definitely takes a bit of planning, but I encourage you to try ! The only way to get better at makeup is by failing, learning and trying it again.


Step 1 : Using a pencil brush and deep warm brown, carve out a round shape in and above the crease. Flick out into a wing.

Step 2 : With the same pencil brush, add a deep matte orange shade directly above the first shade and lightly blend.

Step 3 : With a fluffy brush take a bright orange shade blend both shades or orange higher onto your lid.

Step 4 : With another fluffy brush blend a matte yellow shade on the lid until just the space below the brow bone remains untouched.


Step 5 : With a flat concealer brush use your favorite concealer to cut the crease below the brown shade. Pack on a white matte eyeshadow all over the lid.

Step 6 : Repeat steps 1-4 using pencil brushes along the top and bottom lash line. Take your time doing this.

Step 7 : Add mascara and lashes


I love how this turned out, I plan on doing a few more double ombre looks so be on the lookout for that. Have you tried this makeup trend? Let’s talk in the comments !

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